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The energy source of the future is batteries. Whether in industrial trucks, electric cleaning machines, lifting platforms, e-cars, e-bikes, industrial plants or mobile devices such as computers and mobile phones. Modern, powerful and efficient batteries offer numerous advantages and are therefore constantly being used in new applications. At the same time, however, they also contain environmentally hazardous substances and therefore require responsible and professional handling - especially when it comes to recycling.

Ubatt is dedicated to the processing of recyclable batteries or battery parts in order to make them usable for a second life cycle and thus minimise waste. We accept all types of batteries and have the relevant expertise to recycle or dispose of them professionally. We offer customised "ubatt" collection and storage containers for your company, which are available for rent or purchase. With these solutions, we actively support the reduction of resource consumption and promote the environmentally conscious disposal of your batteries.

Lead-acid batteries and acid
A large proportion of the lead used in global production now comes from recycling processes. We make a significant contribution to this by thoroughly testing batteries and the corresponding acids and…
Nickel-cadmium batteries
As part of the recycling process, important valuable materials such as nickel, cadmium and iron can be recovered. We ensure that these valuable resources can also be utilised in the future.
Lithium-ion batteries
The proper disposal of a lithium battery is a complex process. The focus is therefore on material recovery in order to contribute to meeting the constantly increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries.
Device batteries
Appliance batteries contain valuable materials such as zinc, manganese, aluminium, nickel and iron, which are constantly needed for new products. We professionally dispose of substances that are no…